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Get Empowered with Goddess Guidance Meditation

Let The Journey Begin


A Word From Goddess L...

"Transitioning from fitting in to standing out" 


I am so grateful for meditation, grounding and solitude. Being aligned, expressing gratitude and having mental clarity is truly an amazing experience and awakening. Internal peace, happiness and security is something that money can't buy. You and your well being should always be your first priority. Your internal world is reflected in your external world and if you don't like how things are, remember that you're in control , so be mindful of how you're treating and loving yourself. Happiness, Success, Joy and Abundance is at your feet and having that coupled with self love is truly the Dopest shit ever! Let me help you balance, align, grow, glow and reconnect to your highest self. You deserve it. You're worth it.

-Goddess L.

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Thought-Based Approach

Internal Work for External Bliss

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Internal Reset Session

This session is designed to help align your chakras. Creating an open path of reconnecting with your true self through a sound meditation, coupled with journaling and a burn and release.

Bridge Over River

Manifest That Shit

This service is a favorite among my clients. This session starts with writing out what you desire to bring into fruition. Then visualize, feel, touch and hear it actually happening. We will laugh, scream, dance and get excited! Let's raise your frequency and Manifest that Shit!

“Happiness, not in another place but this place, not for another hour but this hour”

Walt Whitman

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Bridge Over River

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Meditation?

Let's start with what it's not. It's not sitting in silence and turning off your whole brain for however long. It's not sitting a certain way while burning sage, incense and eating organic. Or now having to dress like and be a hippie. Meditation is you getting acquainted or reintroduced to your higher self. Tapping back into your inner guidance and inner being. Understanding that life will happen and things will occur, but being at peace and flowing with it. To practice positive self talk, instead of being reactive to it. It's like gaining new eyes to experience the same world.

What will I walk away with?

After a session you will walk away with the tools you need to create a new practice so that overtime you can create peace and balance in a world that is full of beautiful chaos or as we call it, everyday life.

When will I master this and not have all these thoughts?

My answer to this is pretty simple. Never. This journey of meditation is a personal one and it's work. The good news is that overtime it doesn't feel like it and that's why I love it. We all have our own shit and each persons shit is different. Which means it's truly up to you. What you put into this is what you will get out of it and more, honestly. You will always have thoughts, but your recovery time from the negative ones will get better and better. Your mind will naturally start to pull from more positive experiences because you're constantly added new ones with the new tools you'll gain from meditation.

Why am I here?

You are here because nothing is by chance. It's all divine right timing. We all have a whole life happening everyday, all day. Especially if you have children, running a business, working a 9-5, married, dating etc. The thing about that is a lot of times we forget about ourselves. So much so that we are removed from our inner guidance, our inner peace, our true selves. We are so busy wearing so many other hats, that we forget when and how to put all that stuff down and just be us. Let me help you put all that stuff down.

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